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Secrets of Sinawali Certification Course

Disclosure and Informed Consent

Welcome to the KI Fighting Concepts Filipino Stick Arts Certification program!
Before we get started, we need to ensure that you are informed of the specifics of our program, so that you understand what you can expect from us and what is required from you in order to be successful in this training.

Course Overview and Cost

In this course, you will learn, train and master the Filipino Stick arts and earn a KI Fighting Concepts certification for that skill. This certification verifies that you have reached a skill level that meets the KI Fighting Concepts standards, and it also qualifies you to teach Filipino Stick Arts as a KI Fighting Concepts trained instructor.

Each certificate we award will have a verified serial number that will be recorded in our KI Fighting Concepts University archives.

The cost of this training seminar is $750 USD. You can pay in full at the outset of your course, or make 2 payments of $399, due on the first and second month of your training.  


We would like to emphasize that purchasing the certification course does not guarantee your certification credentialing with KI Fighting Concepts. We are a university, and every student must study and pass all examinations to secure accreditation.  We take every certification seriously and will expect you to demonstrate your highest level of competency and mastery in every skill.  Unless you study and diligently train each Sinawali, you will not be awarded a certification.

This curriculum requires your successful completion of two tests. The first tests your understanding and execution of Sinawalis (Part 1) and is administered based on your own study timeline.  The second tests your understanding and execution of Sinawalis (Part 2) and is again administered when you are ready. After you have passed both tests, your certification will be awarded.

To take each test, you must create a video that demonstrates your mastery of the Sinawalis respective to each testing level (Part I for test 1, Part II for test 2). Your material should then be posted as a private video on YouTube, after which you should email video access information to KI Fighting Concepts. Sifu Joseph, Miss Addy, and our top staff will review your work and offer comments about your progress. If necessary, you will be asked to make corrections and re-submit your test for further review. One round of corrections is permitted for each test.

If you are unable to pass a test, you will be required to re-take the test at your own expense of $200. You cannot advance to test #2 until you have passed test #1. You can test as many times as you need, however there is a 1-year time limit on your certification course. If you don't complete the course within 1 year, you can request a 1-time, 6-month extension of your course, for a processing charge of $250. If you are unable to complete the course after the 6-month extension, you will be required to re-enroll at the full price (market prices may vary over time).

Each student will be provided 2 complimentary testings--a $400 value!

Once you have completed your course we will award you a personalized and signed KI Fighting Concepts Certificate via mail.  Please note, there will be a shipping and handling fee charge of up to $50 depending on what part of the world you're located. 

Learning Modules

The Filipino Stick Arts training program will be divided into 2 parts, both of which will be available to you at the start of your program. Each part will contain video instruction as well as written learning manuals. The learning manuals provide insight, learning guidance and training protocols for you to follow as you progress through the course.

Part 1:  Sinawalis

o   "On-Guard" 9 Angles of Attack

o   Heaven Six

o   Upper Art and Lower Art and Heaven Six Footwork, Power Strikes

o   Heaven and Earth Six

o   Earth Six

o   Heaven Ten

o   Heaven and Earth Ten

o   Earth Ten

o   Putting the First Six Patterns Together

o   Punyo Heaven Six

o   Punyo Abaniko

o   Four-Count Closed

o   Eight-Count Transition

o   Double Gan Sau Six Count

o   Double Gan Sau Eight-Count

o   Eight Count

o   Power Six

o   Reverse Sinawali: Low

o   Reverse Sinawali: High

o   Four Count Open

o   Punyo Play

Part 2:  Sinawalis

o   High-Low-High Single Repeat

o   De-Sheath

o   Fourteen Count

o   Rooftop Six

o   Abaniko Ten Count

o   Abaniko Fourteen Count

o   Espada Y Daga

o   Figure Eight Attachments

o   Florete

o   Full Figure Eight Attachment Series Linked Together

Blackbelt Certification

The Secrets of Sinawali certification is a pre-requisite for earning a KI Fighting Concepts Sinawali Blackbelt. Therefore, if, after you have completed your certification in this program, you want to pursue a blackbelt in this system, that would be open to you.

We are so excited to have you as a student! Remember, when in doubt, train!



Sifu Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez



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