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Expert Martial Artist Sifu Joseph Simonet is the founder of KI Fighting Concepts.  Together with his business partner Addy Hernandez, and the help of current and past students, they have built an ENORMOUS and extraordinary body of work specializing in multiple martial arts systems. To date, there are approximately 50+ hours of martial arts training at your fingertips.  In this subscription program you will have 24/7 access to every single DVD project they have ever produced.  Each video is accompanied by a full transcription manual for your review. As a subscriber, you will have access to a Q&A forum hosted by Sifu Joseph and Addy.  

Here is a list of DVD projects immediately available in our KI Martial Video Library:

  • Slam Set Vol. 1,2
  • Slam Set Evolutions Vol. 1,2
  • Silat Concepts Vol. 1,2
  • Advanced Silat Concepts Vol. 1,2
  • Argument of Movement: DNA Defend, Neutralize, or Annihilate Vol. 1,2
  • Argument of Movement: The Skill Sets Vol. 1,2
  • Argument of Movement: Point/Counterpoint Knife Training Vol. 1,2
  • The Club Set
  • The Blade Set
  • Secrets of Sinawali Vol. 1,2
  • Six Seconds of Controlled Insanity Vol. 1,2
  • Wind and Rock Training Camp
  • Beyond Kenpo Vol. 1,2
  • Down and Dirty Street Fighting Vol. 1,2
  • Kenpo Crossing Talon - A Complete Guide
  • Kenpo Tackle Technique - A Complete Guide
  • Kenpo Kimono Grab - A Complete Guide
  • Fight Like a Girl
  • Extreme Combat Training Vol. 1,2
  • Plus, more!


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- Approximately 50 hours of amazing martial arts training available immediately!

- 7 day free trial!

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