I Don't Guess

By Sifu Joseph Simonet
April 25, 2016

When it comes to Martial Arts or life itself, I really do not guess. I trust the machine which I have been building for decades. You have been hearing me say that 86 percent of people are right-handed. During an altercation, if your assailant has his left foot forward and is agitated, he will probably hit with a huge right hand blow. I then would proceed with a Supported Elbow Frame, move in as is safe for me and elbow his temple. Perhaps he has a wrestling background and is giving away his options, as all he really wants to do is shoot on me with a single leg takedown, fine, let him shoot. From the Slam Set I would simply jam his head back with double palms, perhaps following up with thumbs to the eyes or perhaps a knee. I am completely spontaneous when confronted with an attacker. I am not clairvoyant–I just pay attention. I certainly do not have mystic abilities, I am acutely aware of my distance between my attacker and myself. A heightened sense of awareness comes over me as I am tapping into instinct and trusting intuition as these are the qualities of properly trained martial artists. As I have expressed before, most martial artists in there 50’s and 60’s (I will be 62 in June) are either broke, or broken, fat, cynical, or medicating themselves with booze and pot or whatever. Alternatively, perhaps they are teaching antiquated martial systems just to make a buck, and that orientation could get you, the student, hurt or even killed. Creativity is the highest level of understanding. Honestly, I certainly do not aspire to adopt any of the previously mentioned states of being. I never want to be right; I just want to understand more.

Believe it or not, I am quite cautious with my body, both in how I train and what I put into my body. For instance, I hike my hills 3-4 times per week as I am strengthening my legs and working my cardiovascular wellbeing. I lift weights several times a week as I am seeking vitality and creating a balance with my life. I am constantly working on sustaining flexibility from my hips to my shoulders, legs and core. Although purchasing organic foods is a bit expensive, my wife Addy and I are adding more and more organic foods all the time. I read that every 7 years your body regenerates every cell within its vast system. It occurs to me that eating the healthiest foods (organic fruits and vegetables, lean meats) would aid in that process.

At KI Fighting Concepts, we are not a traditional school, an MMA school or a Reality-Based school. At KI Fighting we are all three. Everything I build is a derivation of traditional arts. Every aspect of our stand-up fighting arts we can take to the ground with a high probability of success, and we also train blade, stick, gun arts and improvised weapons. As I said in the first sentence, I do not guess. I believe in the old adage that chance favors the prepared mind. Pay attention to how and what you train. Pay attention to what you put into your body, after all, your body is your temple. If you are fat, lose weight. If you are a drunk, get sober. If you are cynical, appreciate all that you have and love. If you are teaching antiquated martial technologies, challenge your ego to embrace and learn new ideas and constructs. Life is a precious gift, and you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to not squander it through lack of discipline or misaligned mindsets. I have learned many things in my life, and many things I have learned the hard way. I too have been fat, drunk, and cynical and have taught bullshit technologies. I am not that now. I indeed have learned many things in my life and many things of which I have had to unlearn. Through trial and error, I have learned to let go of needing to be right, and seek understanding instead. This perspective has served me well, and I believe it can serve you well too. In every stage of your timeline and new moment you face, always embrace the spirit of the white belt!